Howard Reis

President and Founder

An industry veteran with over twenty years of hands on experience in telemedicine serving healthcare providers, our founder brings a unique perspective to the business of practicing medicine.

Howard Reis’s  involvement in telemedicine began in the early 1990’s as a project manager at Nynex Science and Technology for its Media Broadband Service, managing early telemedicine trials with four Boston teaching hospitals.

As part of his role in HEALTHePRACTICES, Howard serves as Vice President of Business Development for Teleradiology Specialists and as Senior Advisor to Telmarc, a technology investment and management company. Via Telmarc, Howard is a Director of Vexti, a nano-technology company.

Previously, Howard worked in the Medical Imaging group at Accenture, and before that was Vice President of Sales/Director of Business Development at Imaging On Call, one of the nation’s largest Teleradiology groups.

Earlier in his career, Howard worked at the intersection of the healthcare and telecommunications industries, delivering high-speed broadband data communication to hospitals and other medical facilities. He served as Vice President in the Professional Services Division for Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore) providing consulting services to start-up companies in the telecommunications industry.

With an MBA in Finance from New York University, he has published several articles on Teleradiology, Telecommunications and Telemedicine.