Telecardiology Services

Does your facility need dedicated imaging cardiologists and comprehensive point-of-care cardiovascular imaging? We provide comprehensive outreach imaging, specialty care and remote consults to improve profitability and the delivery of healthcare for a broad range of healthcare providers across the nation. Our dedicated imaging cardiologists work alongside a network of specialists–including radiologists and neurologists–to provide imaging for patients in their physician’s office.

We utilize a team approach that facilitates optimal image acquisition, prompt interpretation and timely reporting of results. Our physicians work hand-in-hand with fully-accredited and registered providers of carotid IMT, echocardiography, EMG/nerve conduction, holter monitor, nuclear, stress-echo, ultrasound and vascular imaging. We also provide assistance with pre-authorizations, coding and reimbursement.

We offer something that local specialists, the hospital and even imaging centers cannot provide.
> You can improve continuity of care for your patients, bill for in-office procedures and keep the profit.

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