New Products and Services

Advanced Entry brings innovative customizable features to enhance your Senior Living entrance

CareSafely enables skilled nursing, senior living, long-term care, and home health organizations to meet today’s daunting challenge to strengthen safety and operations.

Independa offers organizations and individuals the ability to reach older adults, the most difficult to reach and engagement with. Independa aids in bending the healthcare curve and assists in addressing the challenges of aging-in-place by converting the TV into a bi-directional engagement window, with no need for computers, tablets, or new technologies.

LiveCare is a Telemedicine/RPM enabler company selling to telehealth providers and large primary care organizations. The Link+ by LiveCare is a cellular Smart Home Data Gateway that integrates key third-party medical devices in a patient’s home through a proprietary, touch-free syncing technology.

MyndYou solution offers healthcare professionals a continuous understanding of the cognitive and behavioral status of their clients. The platform delivers objective, actionable insights, and anomaly alerts, allowing for optimal, personalized care.

The MyNICaS™ is intended to monitor and display a patient’s hemodynamic parameters (including Stroke Volume (SV), Stroke Index (SI), Heart Rate (HR), Cardiac Index (CI), Cardiac Output (CO), Total Peripheral Resistance (TPR), and the Granov-Goor Index (GGI)), in males and females with known or suspected cardiac disorders needing cardiac assessment.

On-Site Telehealth – Deliver primary and specialty care to patients aging at home or in eldercare facilities.  Care will be provided on-site and remotely by a network of providers certified in utilizing state-of-the-art telemedicine to deliver virtual care.

Well-Beat is a SaaS expert system designed to help patients better self-manage their chronic conditions and take responsibility for their own wellness programs. Well-Beat uses intelligent interventions to create an effective wellness-compliance path. At its core, the solution empowers healthcare providers and organizations to dramatically increase treatment regime adherence in chronic patients.   Well-Beat is all about raising the level of engagement and personal responsibility of chronic patients to their health and wellness regime.