Testimonial Statements

Dr. Rodney Sappington, PhDHoward delivered beyond expectations in the consulting project performed for our Deep Learning and Machine Learning company. With his ability to “connect the dots” in healthcare combined with his knowledge of key players in radiology, Howard was able to engage across competitors and potential business partners unlocking insights that helped move our company forward and assisted us in focused approaches to key market segments.

Dr. Rodney Sappington, PhD
Vice President, Radiology


Howard Reis of HEALTHePRACTICES has personally made a major impact on our Teleradiology company. Working together in a little bit more than a year Howard has signed over 25 contracts representing approximately 150 healthcare locations. Howard’s professionalism, integrity, and creativity combined with his knowledge of the market make him a pleasure to work with.

David Cohen, MD
Founder and CEO

Teleradiology Specialists

In the period of just a few months Howard has helped position the telehealth platform, which was originally built for the advertising and customer service market, into a strong contender with numerous telehealth opportunities. From Academic Medical Centers to large Community Hospitals to Urgent Care Facilities to Patients Portals, Howard’s contacts and industry knowledge has paved the path toward successful deployment.

Joe Bigley
Founder and CEO