Not another blog.  Professionals today are flooded with emails, texts, web sites and snail mail.  (OK, very little snail mail.)  Personally I receive approximately 300 email messages a day (over four separate email addresses) and there are perhaps 20 I really care about.   I also receive notification to read at least half a dozen blogs a week, many from professionals I admire and respect (and all of whom are included in this initial distribution.)  The blogs I follow are listed below.  I scan them all, and dig deeper when there is an article or comment of particular interest.  I rarely respond, but I have on occasion.  So why another blog?

To make new friends.  I have been privileged in the 30+ years I have been “in the business” to make many personal friends and acquaintances.  Every week I meet someone know who shares a professional interest and we’re likely able to help each other.  I love working with very smart people.  Especially with those smarter than me.  The Internet is a great tool to find new connections and opportunities.  I hope this blog has a reach to some I have not yet met but will become future collaborators.

To keep the old.  The initial distribution list for this blog contains the names of over 3000 professionals, most of whom have a connection to the healthcare industry.  Some I have known for over 30 years, others I met just last week.   What better way to start the day than to get a note from a colleague that I haven’t heard from for a while that starts, “Howard, I have an opportunity I’d like to discuss with you….”  I hope this blogs stimulates some former colleagues to include me on new projects they are working on, or just to check in to see if I can help.

To connect the dots…….  I talk to many people and see many things.  While there are many new and exciting developments, I have never seen a project that can’t benefit from the wisdom or experience of a seasoned professional.  There does not have to be an immediate financial payoff.  I believe in the concept of “Pay it forward”.  A good deed done today will come back to help.  Sooner or later.  When I call on you, I hope you will help.  When you call on me, you can be sure that I will try.

To help someone out.     I meet many start-up companies.  Most are looking for funding.  Perhaps I can connect entrepreneurs with a great idea to investors who are looking for them.  (This works a lot better when the start-up has gotten past the pre-revenue stage).  I’m also happy to help individuals looking for a new position, or those with open positions looking to hire.  I think of this audience as a community and a warm introduction is always appreciated.


Topics of interest

Full disclosure.  One of my clients has asked me to write a quarterly blog posting and those articles will be cross-posted here (starting in January).  Topics I expect to explore include:

Telemedicine (and all of its synonyms, Telehealth, mHealth, Connected Care, Virtual Health).  Teleradiology. Urgent Care.  Deep Learning and Machine Learning, especially how it relates to radiology. Electronic Medical Records. Disaster Recovery (Contingency Planning, Disaster Prevention), The future of the Affordable Care Act.  Population Health Management. Elder care. What are health-e practices?

I don’t expect having a hard time finding one thing to write about each month.  Perhaps I can accommodate guest bloggers.  Interviews with industry leaders.  Survey results.  The possibilities are endless.

Some blogs I read (or at least scan):


Come on the journey with me!  It will be great to hear from you.

And here’s wishing you and your families a very happy, prosperous and especially HEALTH-E New Year.



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  1. Peter Caplan
    Peter Caplan says:

    Howard, well said and I totally agree about the importance of sharing ideas and insights and while building and maintaining professional connections. There are many opportunities to alter the direction of care delivery through virtual means once a critical mass of consumers is achieved and enough clinical providers become available. Thanks for the blog sites, I read John Halamka’s blog about being a CIO and postings from Catalyst Health. I look forward to 2017 for the Castleton Group’s initiatives.

    • Howard Reis
      Howard Reis says:


      Thanks for your comment. This (telemedicine) industry is just at the beginning stage and I am convinced there are many ways the folks making it happen can all help each other. Anyone’s success is everyone’s success.



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