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Telemedicine and the Ukraine

How Can I help? Almost two months into the crisis in the Ukraine with no end in sight, its somewhat comforting to see the telemedicine/telehealth community rallying to try and do what they can to provide remote medical support to those still in the Ukraine, and refugees crossing the borders.  Now, telehealth companies are offering […]

Next Big Things

I have been blessed to have a career at the leading (bleeding?) edge of several exciting technologies.  From the early days of electronic banking and the early experiments in telemedicine, I have seen several innovations become mainstream.  What’s Next?  My focus for the past 30+ years has been largely healthcare.  I asked some industry leaders, […]

Some Dark Clouds for Telehealth

  Warning Signs: As a 30+ year veteran of telemedicine (mostly teleradiology and teledentistry) I have always been one of its biggest fans.  I remain enthusiastic, but there are several warning signs that should be considered. Telehealth usage peaked in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic and has since stabilized.  The industry is guessing […]

How Do You Do Teledentistry? (Revisited)

Howard Reis, President, HEALTHePRACTICES When I first started working as the CEO of The TeleDentists up until today when I continue working with them as an advisor and Board member, I continue to get asked one common question.  “How do you do teledentistry?”  The question is a natural one as most of us think of […]

David and Goliath and Telehealth

Having worked with several successful telemedicine/telehealth startups, I have long been captivated with the question of, “How does an ambitious new entrant company successfully do business with a much larger, well entrenched company?” This question applies to all start-ups, but my experience in telehealth/telemedicine provides some insights which can be appreciated by all companies. Quick […]

3 Wishes for Telehealth

Thanks Seema Verma, then the CMS administrator, who in April 2020 declared, “the genie out of the bottle on this one”. 1 As a 30-year telemedicine veteran, now that the genie is out of the bottle, do I get my three wishes? Here’s what I would wish for. Interoperability – 40 years ago, I helped […]

TeleDentistry – After the Masks Come Off

I’m feeling pretty good. It’s two weeks past my second Covid-19 vaccine. It’s gotten me thinking. When will I no longer need to wear my mask in a crowd? And what will this mean for teledentistry? For the Patient According to Becker’s Hospital Review1 in March 2020, 19.5 percent of Americans had a telehealth appointment, […]

Tele-Dentistry – The State of The Union

Teledentistry is the union of dentistry and telehealth (or telemedicine). The State of the union is very strong. The Telehealth industry is booming. The Covid-19 virus changed everything. Research by McKinsey & Company reveals that while only 11 percent of consumers used telehealth in 2019, 46 percent were using these remote services by May of 2020 […]

Stress and Teledentistry

We live in unprecedented stressful times. There is a global pandemic with no announced cure. Unemployment in the U.S. is at historic levels. Working parents need to supervise remote learners while trying to do their own jobs remotely. Racial tensions have gripped the country. Adult children with parents in nursing homes may not be able […]

A New Dimension for Telehealth > E-Commerce

Telemedicine has been with us for sixty years.1 The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has brought this capability to the forefront as it is now an accepted component for the delivery of healthcare expertise. Where do we go from here? So many new opportunities. With Teladoc’s recent purchase of Livongo there will be more incorporation of […]

How Teledentistry Has Changed – In the Past 30 Days

What has changed for teledentistry since the onset of Covid 19? In a word, everything. For Patients Patients can no longer visit their dentists as most offices have closed or are only seeing emergency patients. Patients can no longer go the Emergency Room for dental pain as they are standing on long lines or getting […]

Would You Recommend the TeleDentists to a Friend or Family Member?

The TeleDentists stepped up during the Coronavirus pandemic providing an important service during a time of critical patient need. Dental offices closed, but patients continued to get toothaches. Patients found relief by looking for solutions on the Internet or were guided to our site by two major insurance companies, Cigna and Anthem. For most patients, […]

Telemedicine for Millennials

The Millennial generation is the biggest in US history—even bigger than the Baby Boomers.  They value (among other things) Innovation, Convenience and Experiences. Has telemedicine found the demographic group which will make this delivery system a ubiquitous component of medicine?    Several new service offerings suggest that perhaps it has. Slingshot – https://www.slingshothealth.com/ – Is a […]

How Do You Do Teledentistry?

When speaking to former colleagues in telecommunications, teleradiology, or telemedicine about my new opportunity in teledentistry, often the first question I get is, “How do you do teledentistry?” Good question. A prospective client recently asked, “What are things that can be treated with teledentistry” (and without entering the patient’s mouth). The TeleDentists (www.theteledentists.con) replied: Tooth […]

And Now, TeleDentistry

Teleradiology?  Main stream.1 Tele-Psychiatry – Common practice and being used for 50 years.2 Tele-Stroke and Tele- ICU have found their place in hospitals across the country.  And now the emergence of companies dedicated to sub-specialty telemedicine.  Teledermatology, Telecardiology, Tele-orthopedics, Telepathology, Tele-ophthalmology, Tele-obstetrics, Tele-pediatrics. And now, Teledentistry. Teledentistry is the use of information technology and telecommunications […]

Im-Patient Portals (and Im-Perfect EHRs)

I recently had a medical imaging exam.  The procedure went smoothly and the results (report and images) were soon available to me on the patient portal established by the radiology provider.  The referring physician, of course had their own portal with a separate log-in and user interface.  Fortunately, I know to request of a CD […]

Can Telemedicine Help My Mother?

Mom turned 90 this year.  She is in relatively good health with no life-threatening illnesses.  She lives in a well-appointed independent living facility about 30 minutes from my home.  In the past few weeks I have taken Mom on several medical appointments and having been involved in telemedicine for close to 30 years, I ask […]

Trip Report – Four Weeks, Four Conferences

I have just returned from a whirlwind of travel, attending four conferences in four weeks, all related to the fields of telemedicine and medical imaging. I am sharing some brief observations. NAOHP – National Association of Occupational Health Providers – Nashville Tennessee Occupational health is a field of health care made up of multiple disciplines […]

Telemedicine and Long-term Care Update

In 30+ years of exploring the benefits and challenges for widespread adoption of telemedicine one barrier has been prevalent from the beginning. Reimbursement for telemedicine has been steadily improving by most payers including individual State Medicaid programs and major insurance companies with one significant exception-Medicare remains a major obstacle. This has been particularly inhibiting for […]

Telemedicine in a Bronx Nursing Home

Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has initiated a Telemedicine Pilot Program. The main goal of this DSRIP funded Telemedicine pilot is to increase quality of care for the residents through timely physician consultation visits via telemedicine. Changes in a resident’s physical condition can necessitate the need for an immediate assessment and additional actions to be taken by a physician. This pilot program allows for physicians to consult […]

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